Alpha DESIGN® Liners

For patients with atypical residual limb contours, Alpha DESIGN Liners offer a tailored solution, with custom-designed gel profiles providing a comfortable fit which is unmatched by off-the-shelf liners.

Created from a scan or cast of the residual limb, DESIGN Liners are customised on the inside to maintain a more typical exterior shape to fit a standard socket. Gel placement, pattern and thickness, as well as fabric type and colour, may be precisely tailored to any patient limb shape.

Gel may be up to 25mm thick, which is especially useful for invaginated or bony limbs. Gel on the proximal edge and behind the knee may be as thin as 3mm, providing greater comfort and range of knee motion.

Features and benefits

  • Customise liners from a scan or cast of a residual limb
  • Provide maximum comfort to amputees with unique limb shapes
  • Available for transtibial, transfemoral, or upper extremity applications
  • Choose from Classic gel, Hybrid gel, or Duo’s Classic/Silicone combination
  • Choice of cushion, locking, or Duo technology for use in vacuum systems
  • Adjustable gel thickness from 3mm up to 25mm depending on needs
  • Perfect for challenging residual limbs

DESIGN Liners are suitable for any users, but particularly beneficial to those who have challenging residual limb features such as deep invaginations, prominent bony limbs, adherent and immobile scar tissue, and any unusual limb shapes.

How to order

There are four ways in which you can capture the shape and order an Alpha DESIGN Liner:

  1. Send a cast of the limb to Ortho Europe, together with the DESIGN Liner order form
  2. Scan the residual limb with a 3D scanner and send the SL file and order form to
  3. Create your own DESIGN Liner with the OMEGA software
  4. Scan the residual limb with the Alpha DESIGN app, complete the order form, attach optional pictures and notes, and place the order from the app

If you would like one of our clinical support team to assist with limb scanning and help you determine the best solution, please contact our Customer Service team.


Ordering Information

Part NumberProduct NameOrder Type
ALC-DES-EOAlpha DESIGN Cushion LinerFirst Order
ALC-DES-DPAlpha DESIGN Cushion LinerRepeat Order
ALL-DES-EOAlpha DESIGN Locking LinerFirst Order
ALL-DES-DPAlpha DESIGN Locking LinerRepeat Order
ADC-DES-EOAlpha DESIGN Duo LinerFirst Order
ADC-DES-DPAlpha DESIGN Duo LinerRepeat Order


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